Phantom Wishes

There are so many things I want to do and see in my lifetime. I have never left a 100 mile radius around my house. The things I want may change over my lifetime but that is ok. Drum Roll Please….

  1. Go to Disneyland (I know that is childish but who doesn’t want to hug Mickey Mouse at least once)
  2. Learn Spanish
  3. Go to Disney World
  4. Go to the Harry Potter Theme Park
  5. Learn to Crochet
  6. Learn to Knit
  7. Get my AS
  8. Be Passionate About One Cause and Spend Real Time Helping
  9. Learn to Juggle
  10. Weigh Under 150 Pounds
  11. Run a Marathon
  12. Learn to Play the Piano
  13. Learn to Play the Guitar (more specifically the Bass)
  14. Get my Bachelor’s in Psychology
  15. Work as a School Guidance Counselor
  16. Spend a Christmas in New York
  17. Live in New York City
  18. Buy a Brand New Car straight from the factory (a car no one has ever driven before)
  19. Pack Our Bags and Set Off for a Random Location with No Itinerary Planned
  20. Ride the Thrill Rides on Top of the Stratosphere (there are 5)
  21. Ride the Manhattan Express Roller Coaster at New York New York
  22. Go on all the Rides at Circus Circus’s Adventuredome
  23. Be More Consistent in Taking Photographs
  24. Develop a Talent for Photography (can you develop a talent?)
  25. Go on a Romantic Getaway
  26. Go to Paris
  27. Build my home ( I want to live in a house that I created and that no one else has lived in before)
  28. Learn Japanese
  29. Go to Japan
  30. Participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony
  31. Watch a Seahawks Game Live
  32. Get my Master’s in Psychology
  33. Crochet a Scarf
  34. Crochet 10 Scarf’s
  35. Knit a Scarf
  36. Knit 10 Scarf’s (can you tell yet that I love scarf’s?)
  37. Get my Doctorate in Psychology (this may not end up being something I want to do depending on what job I get after I get my Master’s)
  38. Watch the Luge at the Olympics Luge at least once
  39. Watch the Bobsled at the Olympics
  40. Bobsled at least once
  41. Take a Cruise to Alaska
  42. Take a Trip to the Zoo
  43. Become a Mommy
  44. Stop Worrying About the Things that I can do Nothing About and Start Doing Things About the Things I Can
  45. Go to a Petting Zoo
  46. Run Spokane Washington’s Bloomsday
  47. Run in Disney’s Princess Half Marathon
  48. Go to the Zoo and Take a Picture of All Animals
  49. Get Hubs to Play a Board Game
  50. Take Hubs to a Journey Concert

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